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ECOSAND is a recycled glass product intended for use as a paving sand under block paving and concrete slabs. 

Choosing recycled glass 

As a major producer of construction materials in the Isle of Man, including recycled and secondary aggregates, CORLETTS has developed ECOSAND, a sustainable alternative to traditionally quarried materials. 

ECOSAND is a recycled glass product intended for use as a bedding sand under concrete slabs and brick paving. Derived from waste bottles and jars collected in bottle banks as part of the Manx Government’s recycling initiative, ECOSAND is 

a viable alternative to natural sand. 


Using ECOSAND rather than natural sand will help designers, contractors and clients address the need to consider/reduce their environmental impact. The use of recycled glass avoids the need for mineral extraction, so reducing the environmental impact of raw materials used on a project. 

Using ECOSAND supports the Department of Local Government & Environment’s recycling scheme by providing a realistic, local end- use for glass collected in bottle banks. As this glass is collected, processed and used in the Isle of Man, less energy is used in the production and transportation of ECOSAND. 



Using ECOSAND does not present any hazards to health beyond those which exist for natural sand. 

ECOSAND should be laid damp to reduce exposure to dust, and as with other paving sands operatives should wear gloves.



Is clean and is safe to handle, but as with other paving sands operatives  

   should wear gloves 

Utilises waste glass 

Helps preserve the resources of natural quarried material 

Lower bulk density means greater coverage per tonne 

Has excellent drainage properties 

Is non-toxic and inert 

Meets the technical requirements for a laying course under block paving or

   paving slabs 

Is produced in accordance with the quality protocol for the production of             

   aggregates from inert waste 

Is available loose or bagged 

CLICK HERE to view a video on Ecosand.

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